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The Orchestra of the Capital Royal City of Krakow Sinfonietta Cracovia is one of the leading chamber ensembles in Poland. The character of the Orchestra is defined by the performance versatility, precision and flexibility which is successfully transferred to a symphonic ensemble. Sinfonietta Cracovia is praised for its performances of contemporary music in its various forms (from avant-garde to film music). In search for new forms, it becomes involved in numerous projects promoting new music and works of Polish composers. It is famous for its interpretations of the works of Krzysztof Penderecki, the mentor and patron of many of the Orchestra’s projects.

As a municipal cultural institution, Sinfonietta Cracovia daily participates in creating the cultural offer for Krakow residents and visitors from outside the city. At the same time, it builds its prestige and artistic potential through cooperation with international festivals, and by inviting the stars of the most important musical centres to joint collaborative projects. The Orchestra regularly participates in international concert tours, promoting Polish music abroad (from China, to Europe, to the United States), in phonographic projects and recordings for film and television.

First conductor

Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak fot. Edyta Dufaj

Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak

First conductor / Artistic director

Graduate of Symphonic and Orchestra Conducting at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music (2013) and post-graduate studies in the management of cultural institution at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (2019). She honed her conducting skills during masterclasses with Jin Wang, Jorma Panula, Sian Edwards, Mark Heron, Tadeusz Strugała, Gabriela Chmura, and Rafał Delekta. Her repertoire includes symphonic, chamber music, opera, operetta, ballet, as well as film music and musicals.


Maciej Lulek photo Edyta Dufaj

Maciej Lulek

Marta Nowak photo Edyta Dufaj

Marta Nowak

associate leader

Marcin Kmiecik photo Edyta Dufaj

Marcin Kmiecik

Justyna Duda-Krane photo Edyta Dufaj

Justyna Duda-Krane

Aleksandra Honcel-Banek photo Edyta Dufaj

Aleksandra Honcel-Banek

Małgorzata Szuba-Kmiecik photo Edyta Dufaj

Małgorzata Szuba-Kmiecik

2nd Violins

Piotr Marciak photo Edyta Dufaj

Piotr Marciak

Danuta Augustyn photo Edyta Dufaj

Danuta Augustyn

Katarzyna Balas photo Edyta Dufaj

Katarzyna Balas

Katarzyna Blajda photo Edyta Dufaj

Katarzyna Blajda

Agnieszka Bugla-Bylica portrait

Agnieszka Bugla-Bylica


Ewa Szczepańska-Chwast photo Edyta Dufaj

Ewa Szczepańska-Chwast

Elżbieta Gromada photo Edyta Dufaj

Elżbieta Gromada

Ryszard Sneka photo Edyta Dufaj

Ryszard Sneka

Adam Brakowski photo Edyta Dufaj

Adam Brakowski


Marcin Mączyński photo Edyta Dufaj

Marcin Mączyński

Tomasz Wyroba photo Edyta Dufaj

Tomasz Wyroba

Monika Krasicka-Gajownik

Alina Dorożyńska

Double Basses

Łukasz Mazanek photo Edyta Dufaj

Łukasz Mazanek


Become a Patron

Sinfonietta Cracovia is a municipal institution of culture that draws its vital force from its surroundings, the energy of the city and its residents. This is why we want to include you in the life of the Orchestra, with its good and development in mind.


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